Principia School PrinBill Guide (PreK-12)

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PrinBill is Principia’s online bill payment service. Monthly billing statements must be viewed online. Payments can be made electronically with secure online access from a U.S. checking or savings account or by credit card. No paper billing occurs with PrinBill, so you must be on the lookout every month for PrinBill e-mail notifications.

PrinBill Guide Sections:

Authorized User E-mail Login—Parent Access

For parents of students attending The Principia School, a personal secure Authorized User e-mail login is provided to you by Billing Services. The parent’s e-mail address on file will become the Authorized User E-mail login User ID. If there are other family members or friends who parents would like access to view bills or pay online, please send an e-mail to If you have more than one child attending Principia your one Authorized User E-mail login and password will give you access to all accounts.

Monthly Billing Statements

Important: The “New PrinBill eStatement Available” e-mail summary you receive each month is NOT the actual monthly statement. You must log in to your student’s PrinBill account to view the statement which includes all account details. Billing statements are generated on the last business day of each month. Up to 18 months of monthly billing statements are available in the drop down menu.

Payment Methods

Available online payment methods include electronic bank payments (ACH debits), and credit cards. Credit card payments incur a convenience fee of 2.85% ($3.00 minimum per transaction). There are no fees for paying by electronic ACH and this is Principia’s preferred payment method.

Paper check payments should be mailed to the following address:

The Principia
Attn: Cashier
13201 Clayton Road
St. Louis, MO 63131-1002

Monthly Installment Payment Plan

School charges may be paid over a ten month installment plan during the school year, August 26 - May 26. There is no fee for the installment plan. The first payment is due by August 26. Each subsequent payment is due by the 26th of each month. A 1% late charge will automatically apply to accounts when installments are not received by the due date.

***The individual/authorized user who will be paying the PrinBill account should enroll in the payment plan each new school year***

Important: If you wish to receive all PrinBill email late notices and reminders you must enroll in the payment plan by August 14. After that date our office will automatically enroll your student and authorized users will not receive PrinBill late notices and reminders.

Charges added to a PrinBill account will be included in the payment plan. If charges are incurred throughout the school year they will be added to the plan and spread out over the remaining months of the payment plan. Note: New charges added to accounts during the school year will increase all remaining unpaid monthly installments resulting in larger monthly installments for the remainder of the payment plan.

International Payments

Options for international payments include wire transfer, credit card, or checks payable in U.S. dollars. For wire transfer instructions and answers to any questions you have about international payments please contact Billing Services (see contact information below).

Changing Email Addresses, Passwords or Banking Information

Billing Services Contact Information:

Contact Person Phone E-mail
School Accounts:
Cheryl Carbonell
College Accounts:
Milly Mensing