How to Enroll in the Principia School (PreK-12) 10 Month Payment Plan


Log in to PrinBill using your Authorized User email and password.

Starting from the My Account home page menu select Payment Plans.

Select Enroll Now


Select Term: select the “v” arrow at the drop down menu. 
Highlight the STL School year current term and then choose Select.


 Scroll down past the plan details and select Continue.


Scroll down past the balance and select Display Schedule.

 Scroll down to view Payment Schedule.

Continue to the bottom of the page.

*** Set up Automatic Payments***

Important:  This is your one opportunity to automate all ten monthly installments.
Here is where you decide whether or not to schedule your monthly installment payments to process automatically on the 26th of each month during the ten months of the payment plan.

Select the radio button by your choice and choose Continue.

If you chose Yes you will need to select your payment method before continuing to the Payment Plan Agreement forms.  If you already have a saved payment method it will be available in the Select Payment Method menu.

Follow the prompts to continue  through the process.

Review all Payment Plan Agreement pages (print option available).

Check the “I agree” boxes and select Continue to advance to each new page.

*** When you have successfully completed the enrollment process you will receive a Payment Plan Enrollment Confirmation email.

Thank you!